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Kacy Yu grew up in China and has been passionate about drawing and painting since childhood. The scenes in her surrealist paintings are derived from literature, movies, past experiences, and places that she has visited, dreamt of, and imagined. Kacy’s art has been featured in many exhibitions in China and U.S. After working for seven years as an art lecturer at a university in China, Kacy immigrated to the U.S. in 2019 to further her pursuit of painting. She received  her Master of Fine Arts in Painting at Laguna College of Art and Design.

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Mixtape - Juried Exhibition

ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, California

39th Annual Made in California 

Brea Gallery, California



Laguna Art Museum - Laguna Beach, California

2023 and Me

Laguna Beach City Hall - Laguna Beach, California

Pacific Current

LCAD Gallery - Laguna Beach, California

A Visual Experience

Gallery Q, California

7th Annual Alpay Scholarship Exhibition

Polos Verdes Art Center, California

Emerging Masters 2023

LCAD Gallery - Laguna Beach, California

Cultural Creativity

Gallery Q, California

The Last CA 101

Redondo Beach Historic Library, California

Transitional Expression: Contemporary Art Showcase

Art Clout and Metropolitan Design, California


The New Normal

Laguna Beach City Hall - Laguna Beach, California

Emerging Masters 2022

LCAD Gallery - Laguna Beach, California


Chasing Dreams - WenZhou Culture Center, China

Way and Tao - WenZhou Culture Center, China


Exhibition of Graduation Works - Fine Arts 517 Space of Tsinghua University, China

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